Richie is famous for his detailed large format panoramics, painstakingly produced in pen and ink. His unique architectural style allows him to accurately recreate expansive breathtaking vistas yet still capture intimate details of city life. Every picture is a story that unfolds further with each viewing.   

Something that draws Richie back time and time again is the fleeting temporality of the street. A scene captured today will completely change tomorrow and that is never more so than in Vietnam, where the streets constantly pulse with life, shifting from moment to ment and day to day with an organic tempo that is both intensely chaotic and yet somehow also elegantly ordered. 

When not documenting the skylines of Vietnam’s bustling metropolis Richie also spends a lot of time capturing the smaller details of every day life in Vietnam. From Xe Om drivers catching a mid-day nap, to street hawkers selling their wares.

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